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Gel, foam, and shaving cream

Using a shaving cream, gel, foam, or other similar toiletry to wet shave with a bladed razor or an electric shaver is easier. A shaving lubricant softens the hair and allows the razor to slide easily across your face without nicking or hurting you. There are shave lubricants to fit every skin type and personal shaving preference, with a wide choice of options to pick from.

How do you pick the best shaving cream?

Although you may have shaved with plain soap, there are various products that can make the process go more smoothly. A moisturizer is included in glycerin-based shaving creams that contain vitamin E, aloe, or coconut. If you have sensitive skin that is also dry, you should avoid using a product with additional fragrance. Alcohol-based products are generally not for you if your face feels tight or stings after shaving. Apply shaving oil to the skin before adding other products for a really smooth shave and to limit your risks of drying out or getting cuts.

  • Foam: Shaving foam is convenient and easy to use, but some people find that it dries their skin out more than lotions or gels. Water, stearic acid (surfactant), triethanolamine, isobutane and propane (propellants used as alternatives for chlorofluorocarbons CFCs), laureth-23 and sodium lauryl sulfate (responsible for lather), aroma, and BHT are all common ingredients in shaving foam for sensitive skin (a preservative that is considered safe and is also used in food).
  • Shaving creams provide your skin with a nice cushion. Many of these creams contain hydrating glycerin, which is beneficial if you have tough stubble. Shaving cream is less dehydrating because it does not contain propellants.
  • Shaving gels are more lubricating than shaving creams. Transparent gels allow you to see underneath the lather. This is especially handy if you don't want to shave away patches of facial hair using your razor.

What are the benefits of shaving with a brush?

Shaving brushes assist prevent ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells. Hairs rise up and are simpler to cut when shaving cream, foam, soap, or gel is applied with a brush. Brushes make it easy to cover all of the stubble, allowing the product to stay longer and go further. Using a brush also allows you to build up a thick lather before shaving.

What are some decent electric shaving products?

Shaving with an electric shaver requires the use of a shave gel or oil. When dry electric shaving, no product is required; nevertheless, you may choose to use one to apply moisturizers to your skin with a cream.